Alwan Color Expertise is a software company dedicated to Color Management and Standardization for the graphic arts industry.

With over 16 years of color management experience and the most innovating G7®, ISO and Multicolor press and process control suite of solutions for commercial, packaging, label and specialty printing, the company has become today a global market leader.

The Alwan Color Expertise Suite of software, Alwan ColorHub, Alwan PrintStandardizer and Alwan PrintVerifier, manages High Fidelity color consistency across multiple substrates and print processes around the world, with unprecedented efficiency and reduced costs.

Alwan ColorHub

Alwan ColorHub enables printers to improve color match, print quality and productivity.


  • Standardized output PDF colorspace
  • Optimized color separation
  • Enhanced colors
  • Spots simulated with process builds
  • Proof to press match
  • Multicolor printing (HiFi option)
  • Ink and toner savings with GCR, Dynamic Maximum Black (DMB) and Minimum TAC & Ink Usage (MTIU)
  • Hydra Profiling® (option)
  • Efficiency and ROI
  • Ink, cost and time Saving
  • High Productivity Mode (HPM) for CMY printing on HP Indigo® devices equipped with EPM option.

Alwan PrintStandardizer

Alwan PrintStandardizer enables printers to print to standards and to improve their printing devices color match, quality, stability and productivity.


  • Consistent, repeatable and reproducible colors
  • Process Conformance
  • Stable Printing
  • Predictable Process
  • Spot Color Conformance
  • ISO 12647, ISO 15339 and G7® Conformance
  • Cost and Time Saving
  • Real Time Monitoring and Reporting (Alwan Universal Web Interface)

Alwan PrintVerifier

Alwan PrintVerifier enables print buyers and printers to check that proofs and prints meet customer’s expectations.


  • Quality Control for proofs and prints
  • Process Control
  • Spot/Brand Color Control
  • Application, PDF and remote reporting (Alwan Universal Web Interface)

Alwan LinkProfiler

Alwan LinkProfiler is a profiling software that allows printers to create sophisticated and accurate ICC DeviceLink Profiles


  • Improved digital proof color and visual match
  • Accurate Press to Press color match
  • Ink Savings

Alwan ToolBox

The Swiss Army Knife Of Color Management
Alwan ToolBox is the best companion for the color management specialist.


  • Measure & Export
  • Import & Profile
  • Measure & Profile
  • Spectral profiles with Hydra®
  • Multicolor measurements and profiles supported (HiFi option)
  • Profiles for ink and toner savings purposes (ECO option)
  • Easy to use: no manual
  • Useful: color management and productivity tools
  • Flexible: permanent or yearly rental licenses

Alwan's Hydra Profiling®

Hydra profiling® enables printers to profile conventional and digital presses easily and accurately.


  • Profile any printing process: digital, offset, flexography and gravure
  • Profile any conventional and non-conventional fixed palette (4, 5, 6 and 7 colors)
  • Profile any ink set: pigment based, dye based, water based, UV, HUV, EB, etc.
  • Profile any substrate: paper, board, film, plastic, metallic, etc.
  • Profile process in production and without dedicated print session (Alwan PrintStandardizer, paid option)
  • Use Hydra® charts with the smallest number of patches for each process: 40 for offset, 341 for digital
  • Hydra® charts can be customized by Alwan technical support services for your printing process and measuring instrument specifics
  • Available in Alwan ColorHub 6.x (paid option)
  • Available in Alwan PrintStandardizer 6.x (paid option)
  • Available in Alwan ToolBox 1.x (paid option)
  • Accurate spot colors
  • Smooth gradients
  • Pleasant images