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We are excited to share with you a special promotion on new Pitstop Pro licenses at a discounted rate of EUR 269 for the first year only. Thereafter, the subscription license renews yearly at EUR 336 per year.*pricing excludes VAT

PitStop Pro

Preflight your way

Speed up your workflow with the world’s most reliable prepress tool.

  • Comprehensively preflight and edit PDF files for print
  • Boost prepress efficiency with automatic fixes
  • Join a 150,000-strong professional user base
  • Get started fast – PitStop Pro is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in

Deep PDF insights


There’s a lot more to most PDFs than meets the eye. PitStop Pro provides a deep look into your PDF file. Get new insights on:

  • Page geometry – detailed stats on all PDF page boxes

  • Object containers – complete info for all paths and masks

  • Fonts – font type/family info down to the subsetted glyph

  • Color modes – gray, RGB, CMYK, Spot, Device Link, ICC, and more

  • Image resolution – find images in any resolution range

  • Transparency – scan for all instances of live transparency

  • Object stacks – check (and change) object stacking order

  • Hidden, non-printing items – find then visualize in wireframe model

Full PDF editing

Need to make minor – or major – edits to a PDF without going back to the designer? PitStop Pro can edit any PDF element directly from within Adobe Acrobat:

  • Paths – edit any vector object or add your own, including masks

  • Images – resample, reposition, rotate, crop and more

  • Color – locate and convert objects in any color space

  • Layers – manage, move, toggle and edit PDF layers

  • Pages – visualize and edit PDF page boxes, add/remove global page elements

  • Fonts – edit any text, and embed/replace problem fonts

Automate any task with Action Lists

With a full library of Action Lists included to get you started, you’ll immediately be making one-click fixes to everything from font embedding to adding missing bleed. Creating your own Action Lists is also simple and intuitive, bringing high-value, personalized automation to your fingertips as soon as you fire up PitStop.

  • One-click Actions can globally change almost anything in a PDF.
  • Selection of elements can be highly granular and even variable-driven.
  • Perform a massive variety of corrections and changes.
  • Place or replace objects across pages like logos, barcodes, or page numbers.

Conquer Color


With full support for ICC profiles and Device Link color conversions, as well as spot color and a full Pantone® library of colors, PitStop Pro has everything you need to tame even the full spectrum of color issues.

  • Check the color modes of objects and documents
  • Verify naming consistency, and fix issues
  • Remap from colors, color ranges or color spaces to new values
  • Convert any color space of any object, object type, or globally
  • Explore many more spot and special color functions

Workflow insights

Access your PitStop Pro usage data from your Enfocus account. A detailed dashboard displays insights into how you are using PitStop Pro that can help with both business and production decisions.

  • Number of files processed
  • Number of files fixed and number of errors
  • Top preflight results
  • Combine multiple PitStop instances for a complete overview of your usage

Your dashboard delivers a valuable overview of in-app activity, allowing you to quickly determine the quality of incoming job files and how they’re being handled.

Always innovating


PitStop Pro has been evolving for over 25 years with regular updates and feature additions that have made prepress work more productive for over 135,000 professionals across the globe. Yes. PitStop Pro can do that too.

Latest innovations include the ability to trace rasters to vectors and computer vision functionality that enables PitStop to look for images, and shapes such as logos to check if they are present or absent in a PDF file.