Established in 1993 and headquartered in Gent, Belgium

Enfocus develops affordable, flexible automation software for commercial and wide-format printers.

Their products, PitStop, Switch, Review, Phoenix, and Griffin enable print service providers to automate their business toward profitability while ensuring quality.

The key to their platform is collaboration with industry partners and customers to foster mutual success. Enfocus automation solutions provide a seamless link between multiple systems by many vendors in prepress, press, and finishing. By connecting separate systems, they are able to transform production environments into unified automated workflows.

This translates into business tools that allow thier customers to perform efficiently, accurately, and consistently.

Enfocus Switch Affordable, flexible automation

Switch is an affordable, easy-to-use, highly versatile automation platform. It is as simple to get started with as an out-of-the-box, GUI tool, while packing the automation punch of a full team of developers.

  • Uniquely easy to get started with
  • Affordable, with a modular architecture

  • Built and priced for out-of-the-box success

  • Capable of increasing throughput on day one

  • Cost-effective, typically seeing ROI within six months

PitStop Pro

Preflight your way


Speed up your workflow with the world’s most reliable prepress tool.

  • Comprehensively preflight and edit PDF files for print
  • Boost prepress efficiency with automatic fixes
  • Join a 150,000-strong professional user base
  • Get started fast – PitStop Pro is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in

    Griffin: the wide-format nesting powerhouse

    Automate and improve your job nesting with Griffin – the award-winning, true shape nesting imposition software. Getting started is simple and the payoff for your print business is huge.

    Review: Online Proofing Done Right

    Enfocus Review is a completely new online PDF proofing solution that’s about to transform your customer review cycles.

    Review effortlessly centralizes all aspects of proofing and feedback while integrating beautifully with your Enfocus Switch production flows.

    • Effortless PDF review for print workflows
    • Incredibly easy setup and use
    • Affordable, flexible pricing to match your exact needs
    • No hosting costs

      Phoenix: intelligent planning, imposing results

      The AI-powered solution that transforms planning and imposition for any print business.

      If you’re looking to slash time and costs with groundbreaking job planning and imposition capabilities, Phoenix is made for you.