Phoenix2Switch: intelligent planning, imposing results

The AI-powered solution that transforms planning and imposition for any print business.

If you’re looking to slash time and costs with groundbreaking job planning and imposition capabilities, Phoenix is made for you.

Dynamic Cost Calculations

Generate accurate cost estimates based on device-specific or custom information.

Automated Production Scheduling

Streamline production schedules and optimize material usage for maximum efficiency.

Enhanced Workflow Control

Leverage Phoenix libraries and presets for workflow integration with Enfocus Switch.

Let AI do the work

Instant setup, infinite possibilities

Phoenix really is smarter than your average software. Think of Phoenix as the ultra-efficient and highly-motivated digital twin of your production floor guru.

How does it work?

  • Teach Phoenix: input all your relevant company and production information, including costs of substrates, ink, machine usage, etc. 
  • Unleash Phoenix: Kick back – or fall over in amazement – as Phoenix calculates the most cost-effective way to produce jobs in seconds. For multiple jobs, Phoenix will also handle the most cost-efficient ganging and imposition for good measure. 

Ready to React

Instant, Informed Job Quotes

Phoenix makes it easy to respond to customer job queries with fast, accurate quotes derived from detailed job-cost reports. 

  • Instant, Accurate Job Quotes: Reply to customers with fast, precise quotes based on device-specific material costs, printing options, delivery times, and more.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Empower your CSRs and (pre-)press teams with actionable data, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in your estimates.

  • Automate with Switch: Boost your pricing workflow with Switch’s mind-blowing ability to link up people, data, and systems. 


    Impose à la mode

    Easily work from powerful plan and imposition paths

    Gain full control over all product properties, plan settings, and export actions to blast through even the most complex of planning jobs. 

    • Data-Driven Automation: Use CSV data sources to automatically drive job options, simplifying your workflow.

    • Template-Free Imposition: Eliminate the need for manual template creation and management.

    • Prepress Quality Checks: Ensure files are print-ready with automatic verification through Switch & PitStop integration. 

      Format freedom

      Export for every press specification

      Phoenix can export over 13 file formats, including imposed artwork, die cuts, and detailed job time and cost reports. 

      • Device Compatibility: Drive any press and finishing device with intelligent output generation.

      • Production Ready: Export imposed PDF and JDF file formats.

      • Comprehensive Cutting: Export die cutting data as CFF2, DXF, PDF, and ZCC.

      • Flexible Reporting: Get detailed reports in PDF, XML, and JSON formats. 

        From books to boxes

        Any output, for any context

        Whether you’re a “broad church” printer or a shop specialized in one domain, Phoenix is a perfect fit for your diverse printing needs. 

        • Versatile Application: Commercial and Wide-Format Printing
        • Custom Packaging Solutions: Packaging of Boxes, Folding Cartons, and Displays 
        • Diverse Media Handling: Books, Postcards, Tags, and Labels 
        • Adaptable to Printing Methods: Digital and Conventional Printing (Cut-sheet and Rolls) 

        Wide format

        Plan and impose on any sheet size or substrate

        • Gang jobs by substrate, priority, and more
        • Generate optimal sheet layouts based on cost
        • Data-driven marks for automated imposition

        • Quickly estimate jobs with different sheet sizes and presses


        Automated Nestling

        Press-ready Layouts for Bound, Flat, & Step-and-Repeat Work

        • Automatic planning based on materials, presses, and finishing
        • Gang jobs to beat your estimates and increase margins
        • Mix folded and flat work for optimal sheet utilization

        • One imposition tool for all of your print jobs

        Universal Device Support

        Intelligent Carton & Cut Lines

        • Integrate with cutting devices
        • Easy-to-use production marks
        • Press-specific costing, run times and material usage
        • Auto-populate die cavities based on quantities

        • Identify and resolve bleed overlaps automatically

        Plan even better, add Switch

        Phoenix2Switch for complete automation

        For those seeking even greater automation and streamlined workflows, Phoenix2Switch seamlessly integrates Phoenix with Enfocus Switch. This combination offers:

        • Advanced Integration: Easily connect Phoenix with your MIS, workflow systems, and more.

        • Automated Error Reduction: Minimize manual errors and maximize efficiency with automated file processing.

        • Unleash the Power of Switch: Benefit from the world-leading automation capabilities of Enfocus Switch. 

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