‘Verbindlichkeit’ is the essence of GMG

GMG defines its legacy, spanning over 40 years, as the foundation for establishing color management standards globally. It also shapes how they are working and interacting with each other internally and of course it describes how they engage with their customers, partners and industry organizations.

GMG ColorProof

GMG ColorProof: efficient, accurate, and reliable proofing

Producing printed matters will inevitably present the need to predict and approve the desired print result before going to press. GMG ColorProof is the benchmark in digital proofing. Setting industry standards and a globally recognized solution guarantee a contract proof system that all parties can trust: from the pressroom to prepress, as well as agencies and marketing departments.

      Consistent proof system results anytime, anywhere

      At the core of a powerful system that combines GMG ProofMedia and digital color proofing devices to simulate the final print results of a printing press is GMG ColorProof. GMG’s innovative calibration concept ensures stability and reliability across a range of proofing- and measuring-devices in multiple locations.


      Plug & Proof

      Pre-loaded color profiles for all standards ensure a “no hassle” setup with GMG ColorProof. Just choose your printer, set the calibration, and proof. It’s simple to create color-accurate reference proofs because of the pre-loaded color profiles.

      Reliable packaging printing

      Individual adjustments are part of the daily routine in packaging printing because of the wide range of printing processes and substrates available. GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorProof work together to create incredibly simple standards that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

      GMG OpenColor

      GMG OpenColor: color management for packaging printing

      Packaging printing as an industry is not as standardized as many other printing sectors. This makes achieving consistent brand appearance a real challenge. GMG OpenColor is using a proprietary spectral calculation model and can precisely predict the interplay between varying processes, substrates, and overprinting.

      Competitive advantage

      Efficient and reliable proofing in line with international standards

      By using GMG OpenColor‘s innovative color management technologies, a prepress company can differentiate itself from its competitors and position itself as a leader in the packaging industry.


      Improved efficiency

      GMG OpenColor streamlines color management workflows and reduces the time required for color matching, proofing, and file conversion, resulting in increased productivity and resource utilization.

      Superior color accuracy

      GMG OpenColor‘s patented technology and advanced algorithms ensure consistent color reproduction across different printing processes and substrates, improving the quality of the final product.

      GMG ColorServer

      GMG ColorServer: fully automated conversion to any output color space

      Varying printing conditions and substrates, global productions at multiple sites – countless parameters provide diverse challenges. Precise conversions deliver consistent results across differing processes. An automated solution results in unbeatable efficiency.

          Print-ready data in no time

           GMG ColorServer offers powerful print data conversions and enables exact profiling for conventional printing processes. The integration of GMG OpenColor enables the seamless conversion of user-defined standards and spot colors into CMYK. As an integral part of the solution, GMG InkOptimizer is a valuable tool for unlocking even more efficiency in the pressroom. Not only does reducing chromatic colors and subsequent black compensation save ink and therefore money, the grey balance is stabilized and the entire printing process is optimized too.


          Precise repeatability for
          digital printing

          For consistent results and absolute flexibility in digital CMYK printing, GMG ColorServer is the perfect solution. Thanks to GMG OpenColor, spot colors are displayed optimally in the CMYK color space and GMG SmartProfiler ensures stable print behavior for digital and large format printing presses. The integrated EcoSave function reduces ink consumption – without any loss in quality. And since some manufacturers of digital printing machines use ink consumption as a payment model, EcoSave is even more worthwhile

          There is no way around Multicolor in packaging printing

          A Multicolor workflow with a fixed color set has enormous advantages. Instead of changing spot color inks from one job to the next, every job is printed with the same fixed color set. GMG ColorServer enables precise reproduction of spot colors, the flexible exchange of print jobs between conventional and digital printing processes and the reliable integration of a fixed color set. It has never been easier to accurately prepare print data for practically every printing process and every color set, while achieving consistent results and reducing costs

          Ensure Color Consistency with GMG Solutions

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