‘Verbindlichkeit’ is the essence of our brand. It defines what we have been doing for more than 35 years allowing us to create color management standards worldwide. It also defines how we are working and interacting with each other internally and of course it describes how we engage with our customers, partners and industry organizations.

GMG ColorProof

Efficient and reliable proofing in line with international standards

In order to accurately predict a print result it is paramount to use a reliable proofing solution. For all parties in a print production – clients, agencies, photographers, post-production, prepress specialists and printers – to communicate reliably, it is essential that they work within accepted standards. GMG ColorProof sets the standard for digital proofing globally.


GMG OpenColor

Powerful color management for packaging printing

In packaging printing, different printing technologies, various media types and printing conditions often lead to deviations from industry standards. This poses a challenge for the entire production process to efficiently achieve a consistent brand image. GMG OpenColor uses a spectral conversion technology at its core, which precisely predicts the overprinting of process and spot colors. The patented technology allows you to avoid lengthy correction loops on press before printing and makes creating custom profiles positively simple.

GMG ColorServer

Exactly the right solution for precisely the right color

Varying printing conditions, different substrates, productions on a global scale. Countless parameters create diverse challenges. Therefore safe processes are just as essential for the graphic arts industry as consistent color appearance is for a successful brand. Precise conversions make the difference and process automatation ensures unbeatable efficiency. GMG ColorServer automatically converts RGB, CMYK and mixed data with its superior MX technology into any desired output color space. No matter whether in-line with industry-, individual house-standards or Multicolor.