Is the fast-path to a print-ready file

To quickly receive final print approval, Good2Go assists printers of all sizes in streamlining and organizing their client interactions.

14-day free trial available!

Online Proofing

Organize change requests and print approvals

• Send up to 20 documents at once for review and approval.
• Preset deadlines with reminders to help keep customers on time.
• Save time with preset review instructions.
• Mark-up issues or changes with built-in annotation tools.
• Use mark-up tools to help communicate issues to clients.
• Show file specific ations in the review screen.

File/Order Submission

Easy job submission with powerful management tools

  • Secure submission portal for requesting a quote or submitting a file.
  • Link to your website or send upload links in email.
  • Automatic PDF preflight for instant quality control.
  • Automatic comparison of user entered page size to the file.
  • Easily upload single or multiple documents.

Automation & Integration

Use some or all of Good2Go with your existing workflow

  • Use the REST API to connect to many existing solutions.
  • Leverage Zapier compatibility to connect to other business services.
  • Connect with Enfocus Switch for custom workflow needs.
  • App bundle provides extensive document and job remote control services.
  • Keep documents in the cloud until approved for print.

Good2Go basics

Send a Proof

  • Quick Send interface
  • Drag & drop file
  • Enter email
  • Message and deadline use defaults to save time

Client Review

  • No log-on required
  • Mark-up tools
  • Comments available
  • Easy to use

Receive Response

  • Email notice and dashboard provides results overview
  • Click for direct access
  • Task can be assign to another team member
  • History recorded

Commonly asked questions about Good2Go

What is Good2Go?

Good2Go is a cloud based work management solution made for commercial printers. The focus is on the human part of the workflow making it easy for printers to receive, verify and get final approval for print.

Can Good2Go work with our MIS?

Good2Go can integrate with any solution that has a REST API, or is compatible with Zapier or Enfocus Switch. Contact us for any integration help and specifics on your system.

Who can use Good2Go?

  • Good2Go is made for printers of any size.
  • Good2Go is used by smaller printers because it’s simple to use and easy to get started with.
  • Larger printers select Good2Go because of its scalable, secure, and reliable services.

Why choose Good2Go?

  • Improve customer confidence in comunicating layout issues.
  • Reduce stress searching for changes in email.
  • Eliminate checks with prepress to learn basic file issues.
  • Work as a team and eliminate islands of information.
  • Get up and running in 15 mins or less. No special networking or harware required.
  • Speed your print approval process by 50% or more.

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