Bringing 30 years of expertise to printers , designers and the packaging supply chain .

Color management, workflow automation and PDF expertise combined with our affiliation to a global network of industry experts, makes the team at ColorFlow Solutions the right solutions partner.

Color Management and Standardization

  • Color Server
  • Ink Saving
  • Proofing solutions
  • ICC and Spectral
  • profiling solutions

PDF Validation and Process Automation

  • Document preflight
    and correction
  • Automation of prepress,
    production and finishing
  • Integration of processes

On Press / In Press Process Control

  • Ink key preset
  • Online or inline measurement of press sheets
  • Closed loop ink key control
  • Reporting and CTP curve correction

Automated Planning & Imposition Solutions

  • Automated production and
    imposition planning using
    AI technology
  • Cost estimation
    software solutions

Measurement & Quality Control

  • Spectral measurement devices
  • Color Quality Control software
  • Process control tools and solutions
  • Ink formulation
  • Standardized viewing conditions

Specification & Standardization

  • Brand color specification
  • Digital and offset certifications
  • Alignment of color across
    printing technologies