Whether you are someone:

  • Trying to match your Digital Press to your Analog press output
  • Wanting to save on expensive digital inks
  • Trying to improve grey balance
  • Wanting to build or implement Extended Gamut profiles such as CMYKOGV
  • Wanting to create High Productivity EPM mode Output for your HP Indigo Press
  • Trying to simulate Spot or Pantone color reproduction as best as possible with CMYK or CMYKOGV for example.

Or just looking to have a central harmonized color management workflow in Prepress or across all your output devices, AlwanColor provides a premium quality offering that is affordable and scalable.


Image Description
Using standard high GCR profile
Image Description
Using Alwan's proprietary MTIU "Minimum Tac and Ink Usage"
The Chameleon using Alwan’s proprietary MTIU “Minimum Tac and Ink Usage” has been printed out using 12.72% less ink than the Chameleon using standard high GCR profile , without changing its color.
That’s around R35-00 Vat ex per meter square of ink saved.