The InkZone concept for presetting the ink keys

On offset printing press is making life easier for printers: they are saving money and gaining time; at the same time, they are achieving considerable increases in quality and productivity.

InkZone smoothes the way into a future with JDF: JDF files supplied from the workflow or bitmap or CIP3 data that has been converted by DI-Plot into the Job Definition Format are then converted by InkZone into the required preset control commands for the specific machine. As a direct continuation of the preset function, the Closed Loop technology is responsible for non-stop control of the press and compliance with print production standards.

Inkzone Move Software

The on-screen display of the InkZone Press solution makes it easy and quick for the press operator to interpret the measurement results.

InkZone Move Press has at it’s foundation an unique software solution which makes clever use of automation to gather color measurements quickly from a color bar positioned at each press sheet. To ensure accurate alignment, the measuring device rides upon a precision guide which is included with the IZM Press package.

Inkzone Perfect Software

Drag & drop: straightforward operating with mouse or touch screen

With InkZone Perfect, Digital Information offers an interface between prepress and press that’s equally powerful and economical.First, the solution provides networked ink key presetting, so color start-up is accomplished in a fraction of the previous time, bringing a clear increase in productivity. 



Inkzone Loop Software

The launch of InkZone Loop puts a manufacturer-independent online solution for digital control of offset presses onto the market for the first time ever. Supported by measurement technology, InkZone Loop enables the automatic measurement and evaluation of control strips, as well as the continuous transmission of computed correction values directly to the printing press. InkZone Loop is based on tried-and-tested IZ Card, IZ Tape, IZ Strip and IZ Perfect preset solutions.





IZ Instant Link for Heidelberg Presses

Transition seamlessly from a discontinued Heidelberg Prepress Interface software version to InkZone Instant Link. This advanced ink key preset solution oper ates on the latest Windows 11 Pro operating system, ensuring compatibility and efficiency. InkZone Instant Link integrates effortlessly into your current workflow, maintaining optimal press performance without interruption.

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