Bringing our expertise to you

With John Panton and his dedicated team at the helm of the newly formed Colorflow Solutions, you can expect to receive the benefits of over 30 years experience in the printing industry.

Colorflow Solutions will provide consultancy and solutions to the print and graphics industry while implementing products from their range of industry leading principle suppliers. With complete automation in mind we continue to provide the highest level of service and expertise and look forward to connecting our solutions to the challenges found within our fast moving industry.

As part of our efforts to offer the highest level of consulting possible, ColorFlow Solutions has invested significantly in connecting to the largest groups of global experts through the network and other leading experts in their fields.

With over 30 years of experience in color, PDF and workflow automation and our affiliation to the global network of Idealliance experts, many being significant contributors to the evolving ISO norms and standards specifications, we offer valuable insights and solutions to our customers challenges. Colorflow Solutions is affiliated with a global think tank to brands, OEM’s and service providers to the print and packaging industry.

John Panton

As a member of Fogra Research Institute for more than 10 years, John Panton is also the only Fogra Certified PSO partner in Africa.

John Panton is both an Idealliance Global G7 Expert and a certified G7 Expert Trainer.

Danni Pearce

Color Consultant | Fogra DPE 
Danni Pearce holds a Fogra Digital Print Expert certification keeping her ahead in the digital print space.

We believe strongly that investing in training is the key to unlocking the full potential of customers investment in current and future technologies.

Ivan Shamley

Technical Sales
Ivan Shamley has been with Colorflow Solutions and Digital Distributors for more than 6 years, prior to that was consulting to X-Rite and the printing industry, and has 28 years experience in supplying products to the design and printing industry.

Expertise focuses on printing inks, press room tools such as measurement devices & process control, quality control and colour training. Ivan is an Idealliance Certified Color Management Professional and G7 Expert


Nicky Panton

Sales & Marketing

Gill Tommasi

Financial Director

Our Team Offers You

Color management, workflow automation and PDF expertise combined with our affiliation to a global network of industry experts in the print industry, makes the team at ColorFlow Solutions the right solutions partner.