Nix Spectro 2

Spectrophotometer / Densitometer

Key features

  • True 31-channel spectral data across the visible spectrum (400-700 nm)
  • 8x LEDs (Broad spectrum white, violet and ultraviolet)
  • M0, M1 & M2 measurement modes for use with optical brighteners
  • Densitometer, quality control, and library management capabilities
  • Capable of scanning down to 3 mm samples
  • Haptic vibration and RGB indication
  • Compatible with the Nix Print Pro software, free Nix Toolkit app and exisiting color software

Now available in 2 sizes

Nix Spectro 2 (5mm)

The ideal tool for measuring paint, print, textured samples, and so much more. For best color results, the 5 mm aperture size is recommended for all samples 16 mm or larger.
• Best for general use in a wide range of industries
• Compatible with our range of adapters (for liquids, powders,and non-uniform surfaces)
• Best for samples 16 mm and larger

Nix Spectro 2 (2mm)

The only Nix Spectro capable of measuring print control strips and other small samples. The 2 mm aperture size includes an easy-to-use targeting adapter for scanning surfaces as small as 3 mm.
• Best for measuring print control strips
• Comes with a positioning jig to help you accurately scan your small samples
• Best for samples smaller than 16 mm


Nix understands that your business isn’t run in a clean room. That’s why Nix  creates devices for the real world, such scratch-resistant lenses, dust- and water-resistant shells, and durable  metal enclosures.



Expect reliable and accurate results from the Nix Spectro 2 at a significantly lower cost than our competitors.

Nix has  made a spectrophotometer that’s a cost-effective option for any industry, without compromising performance.


With 1 recorded scan per second and 31 channels across the UV and visible spectrum, the Nix Spectro 2 gives you accurate and consistent data measurements that hold up against devices 10x its cost

Print + packaging

In the print and packaging industries, color accuracy is crucial. By using a portable and precise color measurement solution created by the engineers at Nix Sensor, you can take charge of the quality control procedure. Confidently know your color standards are up to code on a scientific level every day.

Perfect for:

  • Press operators
  • Brand owners
  • Specifiers
  • Graphic Designers

A multitude of industries and surface types

Check out how Nix can be integrated into any industry to make your workflow smoother. Liquids, powders, and surfaces that are uneven, textured, plush, or soft can often be difficult to measure accurately. 

Perfect for:

  • Paints + coatings
  • Food + agriculture
  • Cosmetics
  • Manufacturing

Better control at the press

Use the Spectro 2 to measure ink density to guarantee consistent color throughout your printing process. Find possible mistakes right away and actionable direction for improvement. Save time and money by integrating the Nix Spectro 2 into your print workflow.

Quality Control

Add the Nix Spectro 2, which is trusted by businesses worldwide and across all industries, to your workflow to efficiently analyze color and carry out unexpected quality checks while in production. The Nix Spectro 2 is compatible with our Nix Print Pro software, free Nix Toolkit app and existing third-party color software to easily integrate into your workflow.

Densitometer Functionality

Instantly identify potential errors in your printing process and get easy and actionable direction for improvement.

    Library Management

    Create and manage custom color libraries. Share your libraries with others to ensure consistency across your team.

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