Integrated Tools for the Wide Format Print Industry

PitStop Pro and Griffin now work effortlessly together. For printers using Griffin, it’s as simple as opening a 1-Up file, sending it to PitStop Pro to add cut lines and bleed, performing preflight – or using any other PitStop feature – then saving to update the file in Griffin. This unified solution will enhance operational efficiency for wide format printers, enabling them to get optimized files requiring cut paths, bleed, and other modifications to press faster.

Pro bundle (Griffin + PitStop Pro)


Automation bundle (Griffin Auto + PitStop Server)

Full bundle: Griffin Bundle + PitStop Server + PitStop Pro

Top reasons why you should consider buying Enfocus Griffin


  1. Efficiency and Error Reduction: Griffin is designed to increase efficiency and reduce errors by automating repetitive tasks and minimizing material waste through advanced nesting algorithms.
  2. Vendor Neutral: Griffin is vendor-neutral, seamlessly working with a wide range of printing machines and cutting tables, making it versatile and compatible with various setups.
  3. Dynamic and Customizable: The Griffin app for Enfocus Switch is highly dynamic, with over 300 properties controllable via variables and script expressions.
  4. Seamless Integration: Griffin offers integration within Enfocus Switch flows, allowing for a smooth workflow and automation of tasks, enhancing speed-to-press and reducing errors.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Griffin provides a drag-and-drop GUI, making it easy to use and deploy, with online training available to help users get started quickly and efficiently.