Intelligent Colour

pressSIGN uses a server/client architecture and is fully scalable for your business. pressSIGN offers four client types to allow you to fully control whatever presses you may have or want to verify for compliance, whether standing next to it or in a different country. The four clients are Digital, Trends, Standard and Professional.

pressSign 12 realesed

Be one of the first to experience all the new features, such as:

  • Open-GPM web submission portal
  • Chromatic Adaptation
  • Inter-Instrument Agreement support
  • Manual job creation from JDF
  • Updated Ink Corrections View
  • 3D Estimates View
  • Updated ECG Support
  • SoftProof window improvements

pressSIGN 12 has enhanced it’s capabilities by moving into new application areas allowing a more open and practical collaboration with other print quality management tools (Open-GPM)  and with further improvements in usability in applications such as EGC in packaging printing. All this on top of the core capabilities that has made pressSIGN one of the most popular print quality management tools in use every single day in the hands of our thousands of users around the world.

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