Founded in 2012, Tilia Labs is a software company based in Ottawa, Canada that builds prepress applications for print service providers worldwide.With a keen eye on emerging developments, we are dedicated to developing disruptive technologies that offer real competitive advantage to customers across sectors including packaging, labels, commercial printing, and large format. Our flagship product Phoenix is industry renowned for unprecedented speeds.

Connectivity is the cornerstone of everything we do at Tilia Labs, and ease-of-use a core principle. Built around open architecture for speed, flexibility and integration, our solutions in planning, imposition, and automation deliver a seamless interface between prepress data and production.

For print providers of every size and description, tilia software reduces time, waste, costs, and complexity to help enhance the relevance and viability of print in an increasingly digital world.


Exclusively for large/wide format production requirements, tilia Griffin is a cross-platform solution designed to provide simplicity for printing and cutting. Offering the ability to search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost-effective, tightly-nested layouts, it requires minimal training to be up and running…and profitable.



Built from the ground up to cut costs, Tilia Phoenix is a sophisticated open-API planning and imposition application that uses AI technology to improve efficiencies for print service providers in all sectors including packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing.

Case Study

The Bernard Group could reasonably be described as a standard-bearer for the viability of print. Anyone fearing for the future of printing trades can consider the year-on-year expansion of the organization and immediately take heart. Since it came into being in the late 1990s – the brainchild of one lone print broker in search of guaranteed, reliable quality – annual growth has averaged at 35 percent.